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YES Prep Northline is so excited to be the home of sixth-grade math teacher, Ms. Marla Trujillo, as she was named a 2019 Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award winner.

Ms. Trujillo, also our 6th Grade Level Chair, is an incredible teacher who is dedicated to our students, her family, and her team, and we’re so happy she is a Revolutionary at Northline! 

🔥🔥 Congrats, Ms. Trujillo!!

Marla Trujillo Bio:

Marla is the model of a committed, passionate educator who truly serves students and families. Over her 6 years at YES Prep, Marla has been instrumental in creating a strong campus culture, ensuring high student achievement, and building relationships with students, families, and staff. Marla served as a founding teacher at YES Prep Hoffman 6 years ago, and this past year, she transitioned to YES Prep Northline as a 6th-grade math teacher. She made this move to expand her impact in her home community, fueled by her commitment to create change for the neighborhood in which she grew up and in which her family continues to live. Marla creates a culture of achievement in her classroom by consistently using a hands-on approach to learning and spending time in class each day valuing the effort of her students. When it comes to the achievement of our kids, Marla has consistently proven that no obstacle is too great to overcome.

About Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award:

The Kinder Excellence in Teaching Awards have impacted the lives of approximately 200 teachers since the program was established in 2001 and has awarded a total of $3.4 million in grants. The program was created in honor of Kinder Foundation Chairman Rich Kinder’s mother, Edna C. Kinder, who taught special education for many years in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

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