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23-24 Transportation Policies & Procedures

Transportation launched a new district-wide Transportation Policy for the 2023-24 SY. This Policy includes transportation guidelines, student expectations, student-facing policies, transportation frequently asked questions, and a parent and student agreement.


About FirstView®

FirstView® helps you better manage your time during the hectic before- and after-school rush by putting your student’s up-to-the-minute bus information in your hands. Easy to download, set up and use, FirstView® is packed with helpful features to give you peace of mind, including estimated bus arrival time, opt-in district messaging regarding delays or issues, customizable alerts for when the bus is a chosen distance or number of minutes away, secure password protection and built-in customer support.

You can find FirstView® in the app store, the desktop version is also available at firstviewapp.com.

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Once you locate the closest route and stop using the map above, click the button below to see your stop times.


To learn more about Transportation at YES Prep, click here.


Tutorial Bus Routes as of 2.13