Dress Code

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YES Prep Northline Secondary Dress Code & Uniform Expectations 2023 – 2024 

Will uniforms be required for students? 

Northline Secondary students are required to wear a YES Prep polo shirt or a YES Prep spirit shirt Monday through Thursday to strengthen school pride, unify the community and to promote a college-going culture.  On Fridays, students have the option to wear a college/university shirt. 






YES Prep Spirit Shirt or Polo 

YES Prep Spirit Shirt or Polo 

YES Prep Spirit Shirt or Polo 

YES Prep Spirit Shirt or Polo 

Spirit Shirt or College SWAG 


YES Prep will provide students with one (1) YES Prep polo and four (4) spirit shirts and a student ID badge and lanyard for the 2023-2024 school year. 

What do I need to purchase? 

Items that will be Provided by YES Prep 

  • Student ID badge and lanyard  

  • Four (4) YES Prep spirit shirts 

  • One (1) YES Prep Polo 

Items to Purchase at a Store 

  • Backpack, must be clear or mesh 

  • Dress code bottoms 

  • Dress code shoes 

Where and how do I receive uniform items?  

Families will receive the uniform bundle (1 polo and 4 spirit shirts) at the “Back-to-School" event on August 9 from 3:30-6:30 p.m. for high school families and August 10 from 3:30-6:30 p.m. for middle school families.

What if I want to buy more YES Prep spirit shirts or polo shirts?   

More information will be provided in early September regarding purchasing additional YES Prep spirit shirts and polo shirts.  

*Students with financial hardship can reach out to their student support counselor for assistance with the purchase of YES Prep attire. Assistance will be determined based on need.

Schedule of uniforms and samples of the shirts offered

What are the dress code expectations? 

ID Badge 

Students must always wear Student ID badges while on campus.  ID badges must always be worn on a lanyard and visible.  


Students must wear a YES Prep spirit shirt or polo Monday – Thursday. On Friday, they can wear the Spirit Shirt or a College T-shirt. Spirit shirts include the provided spirit shirts, as well as any Northline club, athletic, or purchased shirt. 



Students may choose between pants, skirts or shorts of the following in any color:   khakis or jeans  

Students may not wear: 

  • Leggings, biker shorts or athletic bottoms 

  • Pajama pants  

  • Bottoms with holes, rips, tears, including “distressed” jeans (Bottoms with patches are permitted) 

  • Shorts and skirts shorter than fingertips length 



For safety purposes, all shoes must meet the following criteria:   

  • Closed-toed   

  • Must have backs (i.e. no slides)   

  • Must have hard soles (i.e. no slippers)   

  • Any color is permitted  

Crocs are allowed in sport mode 



Students may wear any color sweatshirt or jacket. Outerwear may be the hoodie style, but the hood cannot be worn during class. Outerwear may not contain offensive language/graphics or inappropriate content.  



  • Students may have visible piercings and tattoos as long as messaging and images are school-appropriate.   

  • Accessory items that are spiked (bracelets, belts, collars) are not permitted due to safety reasons.  

  • Students may wear a variety hairstyles and colors. Head shaving designs are permitted as long as images are school-appropriate.   

  • Hats, sunglasses, large/noise canceling headphones and airpods are not permitted for safety purposes.   

  • Religious head-coverings are permitted.   

Backpack Policy 


All students are required to use clear or mesh backpacks.

For more information about this new policy, including Frequently Asked Questions, click here.


YES Prep’s updated dress code policy 

YES Prep’s dress code policy is centered around values of equity and school pride. The YES Prep dress code allows for building individuality and allows for community building through campus-specific attire. The dress code is a daily expectation and should meet district and campus guidelines. Like all YES Prep policies, if a student’s dress or accessory choice poses a concern for student physical or emotional safety, a campus administrator has the discretion to disallow the dress item.  

The specific dress code policy for the 2023-2024 school year for each campus will be shared soon. Each school will communicate this information directly to their families when available. 

For more insight into YES Prep’s dress code policy, click here.