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  • Monday February 20th - President's Day (NO SCHOOL)


New student policy: If a student earns credit but has missed too many days of school, that credit will be withheld until they earn back seat time. Too many unexcused absences can result in administrative withdrawal. This means that our principal and other campus administrators will meet to discuss whether your student will lose their spot at YES Prep Northline.

Unexcused absences: defined as absences for which we do not receive an excuse letter for. This includes partial days (ex. Leaving during their 2nd class of the day.)

Families have 48 hours after a student’s absence to submit documentation to excuse their absence.

NEW UPDATE: This semester, we will accept NO MORE THAN 3 parent written excuse notes. Any notes after that must be notes from a doctor, dentist, or the place of appointment.

Next steps:

  • Commit to making sure students are coming to school each day and excuses are turned in when they miss school.
  • If possible, schedule appointments on the days that students are out of school for a holiday. Please refer to our district calendar.



If you submitted an application for a new student for the 23-24 school year, you will receive communication regarding the status of your application on Wednesday February 22nd.

If you receive a seat, you will have until Friday March 10th to accept or decline the offer. If you did not receive a seat, your application will be put on the waitlist until a seat becomes available.

If you have any questions, please email angelica.sanchez@yesprep.org



Attention all 11th grade families! We will be administering the SAT Test on Wed., March 1st during the school day at our campus. All students need to be at school, ready to test by 8:00 am. Attendance is mandatory, and we will be calling home if your student is not present. Please make sure any medical visits, appointments, trips, etc. are scheduled for another time. A permission slip has been sent home with your student that needs to be signed and returned by Friday, February 24th acknowledging that you are aware of this test.

Please make sure your student brings their charged calculator, pencils, erasers, jacket/sweater and a water bottle. All phones and smart watches will be collected while students are testing as well as required by the College Board. It is always a great idea to ensure your student gets a good night sleep and has a healthy breakfast. We will provide that at school, as usual.

When the test is over, we will be allowing students to leave school early. To earn this privilege, students must be passing all classes and not have more than 12 unexcused absences.



Please make sure your students bring their laptop to Saturday Tutorials. Tutorials are from 8:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

If your student is absent from tutorials, please call the front office Monday morning or send student home with an excuse letter to turn into Ms. Wooton.



Students have until 2/22 (Wednesday) to complete their online Algebra 1 HW. This homework can help them increase their quiz grades to a 95.

Students can stay after every Wednesday with me as well if they are ever confused.



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