Student uniforms should be purchased through the YES Prep approved vendor website. Students are responsible for ordering their required uniform through this site and having a complete uniform starting the first day of school through the remainder of the school year.  


Weekly Dress Code Expectations

Monday-Friday: Tucked in Polo Shirt or Standard Northline Polo T-Shirt with khaki, navy blue, or black pants. Students can only use YPNL specific outerwear during the week.

Friday: Jeans plus college attire/YES Prep t-shirt only if students have not earned any demerits that week.

Reminder: ID must be worn daily; if not, replacement/temporary ID costs will be incurred.

Financial Hardships 

Students with a financial hardship can reach out to their campus Student Support Counselor for assistance with the purchase of uniforms. Assistance will be determined based on need.  


For exchanges, returned merchandise can be brought to campus front office or directly to the vendor. In both cases, the vendor is responsible for supplying uniforms in the exchange.